Character Profile

Real Name: Rocket J. Squirrel
Sex: Male
Occupation: Flying squirrel
Home: Frostbite Falls, MN
Education: Snare Drum Major at Juilliard and degree at Cal Tech (Calvin's School of Supermarket Technology).
Tag Line: Hokey smoke!
Biography: Rocky is one half of a team of fearless, adventurous, and brainless duo that wonders the globe due to one unfortunate mishap after another. Rocky's intelligence bears nothing on his ability to be conned and flimflammed by simple minded crooks with weak costumes. Unlike most squirrels, Rocky's unique ability to fly and glide with the use of skin flaps along side his body, have proven valuable. Although he is highly educated he still sticks to his primitive ways, by collection nuts (like Bullwinkle). On the weekends he acts as mascot to the Air Force 319th Garbage Disposal and Sanitation Wing.

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