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  Hokey Smokes Presents:
Quisp and Quake

Quisp is a cereal first introduced in 1965 by Quaker Oats. The theme of the cereal was space, and thus, Jay Ward and Bill Scott developed an alien mascot for the little corn "saucers". The alien, named Quisp, would fly around the galaxy offering up his sweet cereal to everyone in the galaxy. The same year, Ward and Scott developed their subterranean super hero, Simon Quake, with his own cereal with corn boulders (yum!).

In 1972, Quaker held an election to see which cereal it would keep. Jay Ward developed another character for Quaker Oats called Quake, a superhero construction worker with the ability to create earthquakes with his jackhammer. Since both cereals were similar in taste, Quaker was going to eliminate one. They let the public decide which gets to stay by hosting an election. The issues disucussed in tv ads focused on energy sources (mirror the real elections). Quisp was pro-Quazy energy, while Quake was pro-earthquake power. In the middle of the election commericals, Quake underwent a make-over, sheding his construction worker outfit for a white cowboy outfit. Quaker's last ditch effort to possibly save both cereals failed. The children voted and Quisp won by a landslide, sending Quake underground.

A year later, Simon Quake returned with a new cereal featuring his pet kagaroo, called Quake's Orange Quangaroos. The corn-based cereal was the first orange flavored breakfast cereal. It utilized Quake's new cowboy image to show him as a rustic rancher of the outback.

Unfortunately, relations between Quake and Quisp did not remain, as they still fought over who's cereal was better! Two cereals in one bowl might be fun for the kids, but Quake and Quisp hated it!

By the 1980s, advertisements stopped and both cereals were taken off the market. Quisp got the last laugh, when in 1999, Quaker Oats opened Quisp.com, a site aims for the internet-only sale of this retro cereal brand.

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