Character Profile
"Mr Peabody"

Real Name: Mr. Hector Peabody 
Sex: Male
Occupation: Scientist, Inventor, Dog
Home: New York City, NY
Education: Harvard
Tag Line: Sherman, set the WAYBAC machine for...
His charm, charisma, and class have always kept Mr. Peabody on top of whatever he does. Graduating waggna cum lade at age three, working in foreign services, speaking 8 languages, working for government funded science projects, and being a successful stockbroker (the Woof of Wallstreet), are just a few of the accomplishments Mr. Peabody has made. He turned heads, when in 1959, he became the first dog to adopt a boy. His name was Sherman, and he and Mr. Peabody travel through time via help from his time traveling invention, the Waybac Machine.

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