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Jay Ward Movies
"Boris and Natasha"

To the surprise of many, the recent Rocky and Bullwinkle film was not the first Rocky and Bullwinkle based movie. In 1992, a made-for-TV movie was produced titled "Boris and Natasha," that was loosely based on the series.

It begins in the tiny country of Pottsylvania, sandwiched between the nations Wrestlemania and Yoursovania, where Fearless Leader (Christopher Neame) hatches a plan to obtain a time-reverse microchip, in order to reverse time for his own evil needs. Enter his two spies, Boris Badenov (Dave Thomas) and Natasha Fatale (Sally Kellerman), who are being used as patsies in Fearless Leader's plan. Mid-way through his plot, the dup realizes something is a rye, and detour to America to find the base of the real plan. 

The foolish spies find themselves knee deep in a secret assassin operation, topped with exploding potatoes and the temptations of capitalism. The movie has cameos by John Travolta, June Foray, and John Candy. Although Rocky nor Bullwinkle appear anywhere in the movie, they are referred to only by the names "Agent Moose" and "Agent Squirrel". This was due to the network's inability to secure the rights to the animated character's likenesses for this film.


My Review
This is simply a comedy with some of the names tied in from the cartoon. None of the actors go to extensive lengths to look the part of the characters, nor try to mock the accents. While the movie is brimming with Bullwinkle references, it fails to deliver any view of the moose and squirrel. After all, when you mention Boris and Natasha, you'd almost expect to have Rocky and Bullwinkle to be co-stars, or at least important characters in the plot, right?

Although it brims on the realm of cheesy, it is a decent film. From the ranks of international spies to silly comic villains, Boris and Natasha delivers a peek into their lives exclusively. While it is interesting, its odd as well. A film like this you'd expect to see as a sequel to an already established franchise. In some ways, I consider this movie "Rocky and Bullwinkle 2," since it almost ignores the main characters of the series and spotlights secondary ones. I say you should just give it a glance if you happen to see it. Its something different. Also watch out for the cameo of June Foray as Natasha's fan, on screen, the original voice of Natasha and Rocky




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