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Jay's Adventures
"Mother Records"

To many of his friends and co-workers, Jay Ward was known as a true resonance man. a crafted comedy writer, a bold public relations representative, and the front man for a company that made its money animating a cartoon moose. Either way, Mr. Ward's off-beat humor and drive landed him the ability to spread his wings as a creative person, even expanding into the recording industry.

As the height of Jay Ward Production's success, they opened their own recording company called "Mother Records". While the idea may have seemed logical for Jay, the company tanked only after producing a very limited number of actual records under the company's name. Finances ran dry, leaving Jay and Mother Records as only a memory.

Of course Jay Ward wouldn't just have any corporate logo for his budding music business. Mother Records dawned an odd, yet hysterically funny painting of his own mother as the company's logo. Below are pictures sent into us by a fan that was lucky enough to own a copy of the limited numbered LP's. Click on the photos to see larger versions of the record.


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