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Hokey Smokes Presents:
Hoppity Hooper

Hoppity Hooper emerged as almost a spin-off of "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. When it premiered in 1964, it actually kept all of Jay Ward's cartoons as part of the show, including Peabody's Improbable History, Fracture Fairy Tales, and Dudley Do-Right. In fact, this show was The Bullwinkle Show, minus "The Bullwinkle." Even though there were no longer antlers involved, the show carried on in the great Ward tradition. Jay was teamed with Bill Scott and Chris Jenkyns as writers, and created a witty and hilarious new show. It premiered on  September 26, 1964 and ran for three years on ABC. The show was put into syndication in 1965 and renamed "Uncle Waldo."

The story revolved around Hoppity Hooper, a tenderhearted frog, and his two friends, Professor Waldo Wigglesworth, a cunning fox, and Fillmore, a dim-witted bear (Personalities all similar to Rocky, Boris, and Bullwinkle, respectively). The trio of friends hailed from Foggy Bog, Wisconsin, from which they rode around the country in a medicine wagon, exploring Waldo's get-rich-quick schemes. The adventures led to insanity across the country. Each episode centers around one scheme, segmented by other cartoons, Peabody's Improbable History, Fractured Fairy Tales, and Dudley Do-Right. All of the episodes were part cliff-hangers with plots that only lasted about four episodes (compared to the average of 10 or more in "Bullwinkle"). 

The voice acting was very much borrowed from other Jay Ward Production shows. The cast is as follows:
Chris Allen as Hoppity Hooper
Hans Conried .... Uncle Waldo Wigglesworth
Kenny Delmar .... Commander McBragg
Bill Scott (I) .... Fillmore/Bullwinkle
June Foray .... Rocky
Paul Frees .... Narrator/Boris Badenov
Edward Everett Horton .... Narrator for 'Fractured Fairy Tales'

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