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Hokey Smokes Presents:
George of the Jungle

George, George, George of the Jungle strong as he can be! Watch out for that....ohhh...tree. In Jay Ward's grand tradition of funny numbskulls, George of the Jungle emerged from the other children's cartoons as a humorous parody of the classic Tarzan series by Rice Burroughs. Seeing George crash into a tree every Saturday morning tickled the funny bone of many. Luckily George was not alone in the jungle. There was his lovely female friend, Ursula, and his pet elephant, Shep. He also had his best friend, Ape, who seemed to be the brains behind the operation.

Also sharing time on the show was the immensely popular Super Chicken. Its the story of mild mannered millionaire Henry Cabot Henhouse III, who drowned in some super sauce and becomes Super Chicken. His cowardly sidekick, Fred the Lion (who is also Henry's mild mannered butler), would assist Super Chicken in weekly adventures as they fly high above the city in the Supercoupe.

The show was rounded out with the misadventures of super speed car racer, Tom Slick. Each week Tom would race against cheating villains that would even make Speed Racer take a second breath, such as the evil Baron Otto Mattic With confidence from his girlfriend, Marigold, Tom would win each race. The crowd was often cheered on by Tom's own grandmother, Gertie, which shouted "Yeah" and "Boo" at the precise time.

George of the Jungle ran on ABC from 1967 to 1970, and later went into syndication. In 1992, Fox brought back the show, and in 1995, ABC purchased the broadcasting rights. In 1997, Disney made a the movie "George of the Jungle" starting Brendon Fraser. (For our review of the film, click here)

In the tradition of all of Ward's cartoons, the vocal cast was talented enough to play several characters in the same series. Here is a brief cast listing:
George, Super Chicken, Tom Slick, and Gertie were played by  Bill Scott.
Ape and the narrator were played by Paul Frees.
Ursula, Marigold were played by June Foray.
Clutcher was played by Daws Butler.

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