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Episode List
"Mr. Know- It- All"

* How To Train A Doggy
* How To Tame Lions
* How To Cook A Turkey's Goose
* How To Have A Swimming Pool
* How To Sell Vacuum Cleaners
* How To Cure The Hiccups
* How To Open A Jar Of Pickles
* How To Get Into The Movies
* How To Catch A Bee
* How To Be A Cow Puncher
* How To Escape From Devil's Island
* How To Shoot Par Golf
* How To Be A Magician
* How To Be A Monstrous Success
* How To Remove A Moustache
* How To Fall Asleep
* How To Get Rid Of An Unwanted Guest
* How To Be A Star Reporter
* How To Do Stunts In The Movies
* How To Run A 4-Minute Mile
* How To Be A Big Game Hunter
* How To Be A Barber
* How To Water Ski
* How To Be An Indian
* How To Own A Hi-Fi
* How To Be A Human Fly
* How To Be A Hitch-Hiker
* How To Be A Hobo
* How To Disarm A Live TNT Bomb
* How To Be Beatnik
* How To Conquer Your Fear Of Height
* How To Fix A Flat
* How To Avoid Tipping The Waiter
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #1
* How To Buy A Used Car
* How To Be An Archeologist
* How To Travel Through The West
* Rocky and Bullwinkle Fan Club #2
* How To Sell An Encyclopedia
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #3
* How To Wash Windows
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #4
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #5
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #6
* Boris' Fan Club
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #7
* How To Win Friends
* How To Be A Good Umpire
* How To Interview A Scientist
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #8
* Rocky And Bullwinkle Fan Club #9
* How To Become A Member Of The Peace Corps
* How To Get Your Money Back
* How To Be A Temperamental Movie Star
* How To Have A Hit Record
* How To Make The Neighbors Quiet
* How To Win A Tennis Game
* How To Sell Soap
* How To Be A Top Flight Stock Salesman
* How To Be A Bully At The Beach

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