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Jay's Adventures
"The Dudley Do-Right Emporium"

8200 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

This was the address of the The Dudley Do-Right Emporium, a staple of the Hollywood tourist route for over 30 years. Opening it's doors 1971, this tiny shop celebrated the marvelous imagination of animation pioneer Jay Ward, creator of the "Adventures of Bullwinkle and Rocky" series (1959-73). Ward and his team produced the show in four buildings strung along this stretch of the Sunset Strip. His family keept the shop open on a limited basis to cater to first generation fans, their children and grandchildren. The shope sold various collectibles including plush toys, animation cels, watches, T-shirts, hats, keychains, mugs, finger puppets, keychains, and much more. The store was located right behing the Bullwinkle statue.

In 2002, I wrote the Dudley Do-Right Emporium and recieved a warm hearted letter and a black and white product catalogue. Below is a list of scans from the catalogue.

Catalogue Page 1
Catalogue Page 2
Catalogue Page 3
Catalogue Page 4
Catalogue Page 5
Catalogue Page 6

Unfortunately in April 2005, the Dudley Do-Right Emporium was closed and the building was sold. In 2005 picture provided by CartoonBrew.com, the building shows signs of neglect.

Although the store may be gone, the spirit of Jay Ward and his series live on in the heart and minds of the fans.


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