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Character Profiles for Dudley Do-Right

Real Name: Dudley Do-Right
Sex: Male
Occupation: Canadian Mountie
Home: O' Canada
Education: Are you kidding?
Tag Line: None
Biography: Dudley Do-Right, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounties shaped his career around keeping an entire country safe from evil men with sawmills. Despite falling down waterfalls, being kidnapped, and riding his horse backwards he has never stopped from attempting to save the day (even though a vote 10 to 8 said it should). In addition, Dudley Do-Right's job security seems to be as stable as George Jetson's, considering he's been fired at least 250 times and counting. At the end of the day Dudley can sleep knowing he's done his best, even if that means tying himself to a log and floating up the river.

Real Name: Snidely Whiplash
Sex: Male
Occupation: Arch Villain
Home: Canada
Education: Schoolhouse Rock
Tag Line: Oh curses, foiled again!
Biography: Will Canada ever be safe? How many damsels can you tie onto a train track? In a great parody of silent films, Snidely took enjoyment by tying ladies (mainly Nell) to railways and let them sit. Luckily his plans were always foiled by some way or another by the good-doer, Dudley Do-Right. Snidely Whiplash: enemy to Canada, or just a guy with a weird fetish?

Real Name: Inspector Fenwick 
Sex: Male
Occupation: Inspector
Home: Canada
Education: Alberta College of Bowling
Tag Line: You're the right man for the job Do-Right.
Biography:  His father was an Englishman with high ambitions for his son. He longed for him to become a shoe salesmen. When the inspector was old enough to walk, he knew he didn't want anymore than to be a Royal Canadian Mountie. Despite living in England, he worked his way through college and moved to Canada in 1886. Years later, while corresponding with his father via messenger pigeons, his dad inquired why he never wanted to sell shoes. Inspector Fenwick replied, "I don't have the sole for it."

Real Name: Nell Fenwick
Sex: Female
Occupation: Damsel in Distress
Home: Canada
Education: Lady Dame's House of Pretty Ladies
Tag Line: Oh Dudley, your horse.
Biography: The daughter of Inspector and the light-hearted house maiden, Nell adds that special feminine touch to the camp. While many could claim she would make a great couple with Dudley, her eyes are set on his horse. Yes, his horse. Seen in the fields picking daisies and humming, she's flipped her cookies over her Dudley's stable-dwelling friend. Nell also has a bad habit of being captured by Snidely Whiplash and being tied to train tracks. She's always happy to know she will be rescued by none other than her hero....horse.

Real Name: Horse
Sex: Male
Occupation: Mountie horse
Home: Canada
Education: Canadian Institute of Horseology.
Tag Line: Neigh.
Biography: Horse has been in the Canadian Mountie guard for over 10 years and has yet to file his taxes. He is the object of affection of the inspector's daughter, Nell Fenwick, which is coyly accepts her hugs. During the day, Horse enjoys chewing on imported oriental grasses, and hay. When called into action, he rides at lightening pace and tolerates his dim-witted friend, Dudley Do-Right.


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