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Character Profiles for Rocky and Bullwinkle

Real Name: Rocket J. Squirrel
Sex: Male
Occupation: Flying squirrel
Home: Frostbite Falls, MN
Education: Snare Drum Major at Juilliard and degree at Cal Tech (Calvin's School of Supermarket Technology).
Tag Line: Hokey smoke!
Biography: Rocky is one half of a team of fearless, adventurous, and brainless duo that wonders the globe due to one unfortunate mishap after another. Rocky's intelligence bears nothing on his ability to be conned and flimflammed by simple minded crooks with weak costumes. Rocky's unique ability to fly and glide with the use of skin flaps along side his body, have proven valuable. Although he is highly educated he still sticks to his primitive ways, by collection nuts (like Bullwinkle). On the weekends he acts as mascot to the Air Force 319th Garbage Disposal and Sanitation Wing.

Real Name: Bullwinkle  J. Moose
Sex: Male
Occupation: Between Jobs, former coat rack.
Home: Frostbite Falls, MN
Education: Studied under Francis the Talking Horse and attented M.I.T. (Moose Institute of Toe-dancing).
Tag Line: Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
Biography: Bullwinkle, the great American clod, has spent years on end perfecting his ability to misunderstand and hone in on useless skills, such as box top collecting and playing the ukulele. When not busy taping the show, Bullwinkle enjoys sitting in front of the fireplace with a pile of books. "They burn so nice and slow," says Bullwinkle. His alter-ego, Mr. Know-It-All, has been rewarded several awards from prestigious universities that have yet to exist. While he did maintain a a short-lived career as a football quarterback at Wossamotta U., Bullwinkle has since dropped out of college and devotes his time to being a hat rack in his home town of Frostbite Falls, MN.

Real Name: Boris Badenov
Sex: Male
Occupation: No-Goodnik
Home: Poyysylvania
Education: Degree at U.S.C. (The University of Safe-Cracking)
Tag Line: Must capture moose and squirrel.
Biography: Most foreign agents use their mind, physical strength, and agility to accomplish their missions. Boris uses explosives....lots of them. He and his accomplice, Natasha Fatale, were sent to America by the ruthless dictator Fearless Leader. Their mission is to usually steal something very valuable in order to bring it back to their homeland. Unfortunately for him, Boris is always foiled at the last minute, partly due to his involvement with a certain moose and squirrel, but mostly because of  his ego.


Real Name: Natasha Fatale
Sex: Female
Occupation: Secret Agent
Home: Everywhere
Education: Expelled from college
Tag Line: Hello Dollink.
Biography: Natasha was a former Miss Transylvania. She is believed to be the love child of Axis Sally and Count Dracula, although nothing has been proven (blood work, yum). When she moved to the "New World" at age 19, she had a part time modeling job with Charles Addams and another popping out of cakes at stag parties. Although Boris has asked for her hand many times, she refuses to part with it. "Its my hand dollink, he can get his own," said Ms. Fatale.

Real Name: Mr. Narrator
Sex: Male
Occupation: Narrator
Home: USA
Education: National Narration Academy of Greater Utah
Tag Line: Stay tuned next time for...
Biography: The narrator gives us the inside scoop of what is going on. He makes corny jokes, talks really fast, and fills us in on what's going on with Rocky and Bullwinkle. Although we never seen him, we feel like we know him. He's a funny guy and just as confused as you and I.

Real Name: Unknown, just call him Fearless Leader  
Sex: Male
Occupation: Corrupt Dictator
Home: Pottsylvania
Education: P.U. (Pottsylvania University, it stinks).
Tag Line: Badenov, you numbskull!
Biography: Fearless Leader is both the military and spiritual leader of Pottsylvania. He rules with an iron fist when his chrome fist is in for repairs. Fearless Leader has no hesitations in offing co-workers that have done him wrong. He's considered the ultimate badnik of the entire country, and does nothing to hide his ambitions to rule the world. Ultimate evil comes at a price though. Often he is too busy running his country to steal his fortunes. He continues to send his special agents, Boris and Natasha around the world to obtain his riches and secret information.

Real Name: Gidney & Cloyd
Sex: Other
Occupation: Explorers from the Moon
Home: The Moon
Education: Star Fleet Level 6
Tag Line: None.
Biography: Gidney and Cloyd are little green men from the moon. This duo is first seen in the first saga of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jet Fuel Formula. At first they appear as enemies but quickly befriend the moose and squirrel. They both have a special power that lets them "phaze" in and out of visibility to teleport anywhere they'd like. They also both carry deadly "scrooch" freeze rays that can stop anyone by freezing them in place for a fixed amount of time. Even with their advanced technology, they rely on Rocky and Bullwinkle for help to return to their home on the moon after they are stranded on earth after their ship crashes. They also opened up a live tap dancing music show in Las Vegas.

Real Name: Mr. Big  
Sex: Male
Occupation: Pottsylvanian Mobster
Home: Pottsylvania
Education: Assume the worst.
Tag Line: (censored)
Biography:  This pint-sized criminal has a bark worse than his bite. He's the mastermind behind a few of the schemes hatched against the U.S.A. by Pottsylvania. Unlike Fearless Leader, Mr. Big doesn't hold a government affiliation, but considering he is a gangster, he might as well get a seat in the government. Mr. Big becomes Boris and Natasha's boss on random freelance missions. Mr. Big often casts a long shadow on the wall (thus, his name), which is scary to everyone. Maybe he slipped the stage director a tip. Who knows...

Real Name: Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz
Sex: Male
Occupation: Ship Captain/Weather Man
Home: USA
Education: No sir.
Tag Line: Huh?
Biography: His name says it all. He is the owner and captain of the S.S. Guppy and has no clue what he's doing. As a member of the Navy he was the only captain that was only wrong. He was placed in the federal meteorological station, where his lack of focus would go unnoticed. On his last voyage, he and his crew spent 43 days going in a circle, traveling over 200 miles, yet, only a few feet from the harbor. In fear of their lives, the crew installed a fake captain's wheel so that Captain Peachfuzz only "thought" he was steering. Last reports of his whereabouts say he got lost inside of a paper bag.

Real Name: Edgar and Chauncey 
Sex: Male
Occupation: Random
Home: Everywhere
Education: Unknown
Tag Line: Now there is something you don't see everyday, Edgar.
Biography: These two men have done everything, at least once. Perhaps doomed to be co-workers and best friends for life, Edgar and Chauncey are the world's best onlookers. The most observant townsfolk in existence, they often relax on the job or in public places with little or no regard to what is going on around them. 





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