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Character Profile

Real Name: Bullwinkle  J. Moose
Sex: Male
Occupation: Between jobs
Home: Frostbite Falls, MN
Education: Studied under Francis the Talking Horse and attented M.I.T. (Moose Institute of Toe-dancing).
Tag Line: Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
Biography: Bullwinkle, the great American clod, has spent years on end perfecting his ability to misunderstand and hone in on useless skills, such as box top collecting and playing the ukulele. When not busy taping the show, Bullwinkle enjoys sitting in front of the fireplace with a pile of books. "They burn so nice and slow," says Bullwinkle. His alter-ego, Mr. Know-It-All, has been rewarded several awards from prestigious universities that have yet to exist. While he did maintain a a short-lived career as a football quarterback at Wossamotta U., Bullwinkle has since dropped out of college and devotes his time to being a hat rack in his home town of Frostbite Falls, MN.

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