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There is an impressive collection of books dedicated to Jay Ward's animation. Below is a list of books about the series. Below is a list of my recommendations of Bullwinke-related reading. All books have a link below them to purchase a copy from Amazon.com.


The Moose That Roared: The Story of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, A Flying Squirrel, and a Talking Moose
By Keith Scott
St. Martin's Press (2001), softcover

Although Rocky and His Friends remains the cleverest and best-loved cartoon series of the baby boom era, information about the creation of the program is notoriously hard to come by. Jay Ward declined to give interviews in his later years, key artists have died, and virtually nothing survives from the hastily organized studio in Mexico City where much of the animation was done. Despite these handicaps, Australian actor Keith Scott, the voice of Bullwinkle in the 2000 film, has assembled an impressively complete studio history.


The Rocky and Bullwinkle Book
By Louis Chunovic
Bantom (1996), hardcover
211 pages

Beautiful illustrations and photos from the series make this coffeetable book a great addition to anyone's library. Unfortunately, this book has a strong focus on design and not much content. The makers of this book too extra time to create a very retro and funny visual theme.Consider this piece as "eye candy".


Dudley Do-right's Book of Manners
By David Lewman
Simon Spotlight (1998), softcover
48 pages

This comedic children's book teaches us all how to mind our manners, in a way only Dudley Do-Right can do. Strong focus on cheesey-one liners that made the show famous.


Fractured Fairy Tales
By A.J. Jacobs
Bantom (1998), softcover
192 pages

Long before Politically Correct Bedtime Stories invaded bookstores, Americans were getting their giggles from Fractured Fairy Tales, those delightfully twisted parables brought to us between the cliffhanger adventures of our favorite cartoon heroes, Rocky & Bullwinkle. This collection, illustrated with classic art from the animated series includes the comical retelling of 25 classics such as Pinocchio (who starred in his own variety show "The Pinocchio Doody Show"), Jack and the Beanstalk (did you know that Jack grew a beanstalk in the outfield so he could catch fly balls for his baseball team?), or King Midas (who became a dentist so he could give his patients gold fillings). This satirical humor loved for so long by so many, is a must-have for fans of the show and anyone who loves classic fairy tales--with a twist.


Walter Tetley: For Corn's Sake
By Ben Ohmart and Charles Stumpf
Bear Manor Media (2003), softcover
180 pages

WALTER TETLEY (1915-1975) was the quintessential kid voice of radio. His distinguished voice career began in the early 1930s and lasted until radio’s final years in the 1950s. He was also a very private person who never gave interviews, instead choosing to immerse himself in charity and voice work throughout most of his life.

For the FIRST time in print—finally a complete biography on one of radio’s most beloved character actors. Including many RARE PHOTOS and THOUSANDS OF CREDITS, most of which have never been seen or discussed in any article or book. That is because this biography has been written with the aid of Walter’s personal scrapbooks!

From The Great Gildersleeve to Rocky and Bullwinkle's Peabody and Sherman—and beyond.


Welcome Foolish Mortals...The Life and Voices of Paul Frees
By Ben Ohmart
Bear Manor Media (2004), softcover
304 pages

Paul Frees. The voice of your Ghost Host at Disneyland/world's Haunted Mansion. The dastardly Boris Badenov from Rocky & Bullwinkle. Professor Ludwig von Drake via The Wonderful World of Disney. The Pillsbury Dougboy. The Ape in George of the Jungle. Half the Beatles in their cartoon series. Narrator of The Shaggy Dog, The War of the Worlds, Hardware Wars, and a hundred other film classics. Plus thousands of radio shows (Suspense, Escape), commercials (Toucan Sam of Fruit Loops cereal) and voiceovers (Spartacus, Patton and hundreds more). He even lent his voice to the original Lord of the Rings and The Return of the King cartoons, produced by Rankin/Bass.


Daws Butler, Characters Actor
By Ben Ohmart, Joe Bevilaqua
Bear Manor Media (2004), softcover
228 pages

Now, for the first time, DAWS BUTLER: CHARACTERS ACTOR brings you up close and personal into the life of the man who many consider to be the greatest voice magician of the 20th Century. From his early days in radio in the 1940s to his five years as puppeteer on Time for Beany, from his astonishingly creative days at Hanna-Barbera in the 1950s and '60s to his enduring legacy as mentor to the likes of such up-and-coming actors as Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) in the 1970s and '80s until his death in 1987, this authorized biography includes detailed eye-witness accounts and personal reminisces by his colleagues, including Joe Barbera, Bill Hanna, Doug Young (Doggy Daddy), Don Messick (Boo Boo, Ranger Smith), June Foray (Rocky the Flying Squirrel) and Stan Freberg, as well as Daws's friends and family. Best of all, the book includes the words of Daws Butler himself telling his own story, through never-before-published interviews, letters and personal phone conversations. In addition, Nancy Cartwright pays loving tribute to her mentor in the book's foreword.



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